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the yearbook given a digital twist.

Created by expert publication designers and web developers, likeabook lets non-designers easily create a yearbook that combines all you love about the familiar book experience with the rich features and benefits of digital media.

pictures are great.
but video changes everything.

One of our favourite features, video brings your school’s precious moments to life — imagine replaying your sports days, school plays and special events. Simply add the videos from your school youtube channel to your likeabook.

less isn’t more...
but more is.

Adding more pages to a traditional yearbook costs more to print and often some content just gets left out because there just isn’t space. With likeabook, you can simply add another page or make an existing page longer. It just goes on and on… and on.

the beauty of being digital.

You can view your likeabook on any device with a browser and unlike a book, a likeabook yearbook lives safe and sound in the cloud and will never tear, crease or fade; get lost; or chewed by the dog.

Go green. Go likeabook.

  • Moving from a printed yearbook to Likeabook has given us the opportunity to capture all we do across the school in a single place that ties together images, movies and what ever our classes want to share. It is simple to use, and produces a high quality product that we are proud to share with our community.

  • easy on the school pocket too.

    Spend more of your school budget on stuff that has a direct impact on learning. We know the cost of designing and printing yearbooks can soon add up. That's why we created likeabook so teachers and kids can easilly create a yearbook using a professionally designed framework. It’s a great way for kids to learn collaboration and content creation skills — and make beautiful yearbooks for less.

    Don't just SAVE money…
    Make your likeabook pay for itself and even raise funds by selling advertising to local businesses - optional of course.


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