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The customise area in your yearbook editor allows you to:

  • Upload your logo
  • Choose your cover image
  • Set a headline for your cover
  • Select your fonts
  • Pick a brand colour for links
  • Upload a background for your student index page
  • Set a title for your student index page
  • Choose a background image for the Search page

Adding a cover headline and image

Choose: customise > cover

From the cover submenu, you can add a headline to the cover of your likeabook and you can upload a background image.

When you’ve selected your image, click the ‘Update’ button to save before leaving the page.

Adding your logo

Choose: customise > cover

You can upload your logo from the same area as your cover image.

Tip: Ask your logo desginer for a PNG file of your logo that supports transparent backgrounds. Otherwise, your logo may appear to be in a white box. You may want to use a white version of your logo on a darker image or a regular version on a lighter background.

Choosing colours and fonts

Choose: customise > styling

Pick a highlight colour that is used for interactive elements such as menu links and slider buttons.

From the styling panel, you can also choose from 30 Google fonts to find a font that feels right for your brand.

It’s also possible to choose different fonts for headlines, body and caption styles.

Student index settings

Choose: customise > student index

The student index page is a portal to individual student pages. These are typically created for final year students.

The right-hand side of the student index page features thumbnail images of all of the students that have been added.

This customiser allows you to set the headline and left-hand hero image for the page.

The search results page

Choose: customise > search

From the search panel you can upload an image that is displayed as the hero image on the left-hand side of your search results page.

To finalise your changes

Choose: customise

From the root customiser panel, please hit the ‘Update’ button to save your changes.

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