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Adding a new student page

Choose: students > add new

To create a new student page, simply click the ‘Add New’ button from the ‘student’ area and you will be taken to a new blank page, ready to add content. This page should look familiar to you by now, as it looks like the standard page editor.

Naming your student

To add your student’s name, simply click on ‘Student’s Name Here’ and start typing.

Adding your student image

The image for your student is added on the left hand side of the page in the same way as the hero image on a standard likeabook page.

To add a hero image, just click the ‘Select Image’ button as shown.

You will then be able to upload images into your media library and select one.

Adding content to your page

After you’ve setup the left hand side of your page, you can begin adding content to your page.

Content is added to the right hand side of your page in exactly the same way as a standard likeabook page – so you can include text, images, sliders and video.

See how to… create pages for a detailed guide.

Viewing your students

To view your students on your published likeabook, simply find your student index page in the menu.

This page will be titled ‘Student index’ by default unless you have renamed the page already in the customise settings area.

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