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Adding a new page

Choose: pages > add new

To create a new page, simply click the ‘Add New’ button from the ‘pages’ area and you will be taken to a new blank page, ready to add content.

Naming your new page

To add a page title, simply click on the ‘Type Title Here’ and start typing. Couldn’t be simpler.

Once you have named your page, the link name for the page is set. If you’d like to change the name of the page, you will need to manually change the link using the edit button above.

Adding a hero image to your page

All likeabook pages are formatted with a hero image on the left hand side.

To add a hero image, just click the ‘Select Image’ button as shown.

You will then be able to upload images into your media library and select one.

Adding content to your page

After you’ve setup the left hand side of your page, you can begin adding content to your page.

Content is added to the right hand side of your page. This side of your likeabook page is scrollable so you’ll never run out of space.

Simply click the ‘Add Content’ button and choose the type of content module you’d like to add.

The text module

When you add a text module, you can type directly into it or copy and paste text from elsewhere.

Select an option from the dropdown to style your text as regular paragraph text, or headline and caption styles.

It’s also possible to make text bold, italicised or add lists or links to your text.

The controls at the top right of the module allow you to duplicate, delete or collapse the module.

The image module

Simply add an image module and click the ‘Select Image’ button to choose an image from your media library or upload a new image.

You can also add a caption to your image.

The text & image module

Using the ‘text and image’ module allows you to create a two column arrangement of text and image and control the order – image on the left or right.

The slider module

If you have a lot of images you’d like to display without adding to the length of your page, you can add a collection of images as a slider.

You can also add a caption for the collection.

The video module

Show off your school production, sports events and more with the likeabook video module.

Simply enter the URL of your video.

Supported video sources include Youtube, Vimeo, Ted, Facebook and Vine.

Then give your video a caption if you wish.

To finalise your changes

From the root customiser panel, please hit the ‘Update’ button to save your changes.

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