Principal’s Reflection

Oh what a year!

Since starting at Likeabook Primary School, I have been blown away by the warm welcome from our parents, students, and community. It becomes clear that Likeabook Primary School truly is a community school right here in the centre of the City.

Likeabook Primary is your school. We are so lucky to have parents who support us with their time and energy, and in the end the people who benefit most from that are our students. The better we work together, the more our students can succeed.

At the heart of our school, we find our students. As an organisation we are focussed on doing the best we can for every student in our school. We are motivated by our vision to create confident, active participants. You may notice that a few things are changing at Likeabook Primary School over the coming weeks and months, but I want to assure you that everything we do is motivated by our desire to do the best for our students.

One thing you will notice as we move forward is our focus on enabling our students to lead their own learning. As we prepare students for an increasingly uncertain future, the self-management skills we develop through leading our own learning are the greatest weapon we have to combat the constantly changing learning landscape. It becomes part of the discourse of a classroom where students articulate what they are learning and why this is important for them. Alongside this classroom conversation, we see our students working alongside their peers and our teachers acting to facilitate high quality learning for all students. As students make these choices, they actively engage in leading the learning process.

Our students have designed our learning programme for 2017, giving the teachers guidance as to what they want to learn and why this is important to them. We have crafted our big inquiry questions together, and from there our students will decide on what their class wants to inquire into further. This reflects the above desire for us to see our students leading their learning, but also makes links to real world problems that our students want to investigate. I look forward to seeing what our students discover as they probe into their areas of investigation, and creating (as one of our students suggested) ‘a network of information’ allowing us to share our findings with our class, syndicate, and school!

I end this where I began, and that is with our community. We are truly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with your students, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We believe that as a community we can work together to give our students the best, but that means we need to all be working towards the same goal. The better we can communicate with each other about what we want to achieve and how we can achieve it, the better we can meet the needs of our students. I look forward to meeting you all and discussing how we can work together as a community for our kids, and how we can support each other through out this.

It is a pleasure and a privilege to serve our community, and I look forward to a bright and innovative future for Likeabook Primary School.

Suzanne McColl,

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